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Why Hire a Certified Tour Guide in Istanbul?

If you are traveling to Istanbul for pleasure, if you are here to explore the city, if you are in Istanbul for good food, if you want to gain knowledge behind the rich history of Constantinople; DTLS Limousine & Travel highly recommends you to hire a certified tour guide   to maximize the pleasure and minimize the hassle during the stay. Multilingual certified tour guides are complements with our luxury ground transportation services for clients who are looking to experience Istanbul to its fullest.

DTLS Limousine & Travel have its own portfolio of multilingual tour guides that are certified by the Ministry of Tourism and Turkish Government. All of our tour guides are fully certified and licensed; speak their professional language that they are certified with. All of our certified tour guides are capable of speaking their proficiency language and along with their secondary language English. Since DTLS Limousine & Travel’s roots are based on private limo services with guided city tours, all of our employees from the reservation agents to our chauffeurs, know how to show the Turkish hospitality.

There are many reasons why we recommend our clients to hire a certified tour guide along with the luxury limousine services. First and foremost is when our clients only hire a chauffeur to do the sightseeing, sometimes travelers ask the chauffeur to park the car and ask them to walk around with them and let them know about the history behind historic places. Not only that is illegal, it is not the job of a chauffeur to park the car and wonder around with the clients. Tourism police are always alert for these types of behavior because there are many unofficial companies and websites that sell these types of tours for very low prices but they are not licensed, certified nor insured. To avoid these types of issues and protect the tourists who are visiting Istanbul, only tour guides who are fully certified by the ministry of tourism and Turkish Government can show the area, explain the nature of the history and walk with the clients. In addition, certified tour guides are always have to have wear their certification during the tours they are performing; it needs to be visible for the tourism police.

DTLS Limousine & Travel recommends all travelers who hire a chauffeur driven vehicle in Istanbul to explore the city along with the certified tour guide. These services are the perfect complements of private sightseeing tours in Istanbul. All of our certified tour guides are educated and trained for our endless options of tours. DTLS Limousine & Travel provides their clients to have the flexibility of their travel plans and the way they would like do their sightseeing during the stay. We usually offer our clients the most popular tours and the itinerary when people visit Istanbul for the first time. However, if they have something else they are interested in, we customize and stay flexible. Most of the people would like to do sightseeing in the old town, but that is not always the case for people who are visiting Istanbul more than once. We offer our pre-organized tours first and if they are interested in something else, our reservation agents create the itinerary for the tour.

Furthermore, Istanbul is the busiest city in Turkey as it is the most popular as well. The traffic can get really congested at peak hours. One of the main reasons people choose to use limousine services in Istanbul over yellow taxi services because of the luxury of having your chauffeur on stand by and also the cleanliness of the services. Old town of Istanbul, Sultanahmet, which is known as heart of the city is closed for traffic. Since it is fully pedestrian area, it is very difficult for our clients to meet with their chauffeur if they do not know the area that well. That is where the certified tour guide also comes into play with their knowledge and experience. They can maneuver the chauffeur depending on where they begin their walk for the tour and where they want end to meet with the chauffeur. This practice makes our clients save time as they are walking and doing the sightseeing, visiting museums and even getting lunch if they would like. In the meantime, our guides communicate with the chauffeur for the meeting point and continue the tour with the clients.

DTLS Limousine & Travel only suggests travelers to hire a certified tour guide if they are planning on hiring limousine services in Istanbul. It is not necessary or a must to have certified tour guide. Some people like to discover the city themselves, and some people make their own plans and itineraries before even landing Istanbul. We cannot urge people to keep a tour guide with them all day long but it is always good to have someone who is experienced with the area and the city to make a journey memorable.

In conclusion, all of chauffeurs and tour guides are trained for these procedures to provide a hassle free and fun experience during the clients stay in Istanbul. DTLS Limousine & Travel’s roots are based on luxury private guided tour services and limousine services. These are the two ideas the company was based and formed upon. Therefore, 30 years of experience differentiates our experiences and specialties from rest of the tour agencies and limousine operators.


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